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Our menu is a reflection of chef Antonio D’Anello’s FOSL philosophy (Fresh, Organic,Sustainable, Local). In respecting the earth that gives birth to our food and to the artisans & farmers who bring to market the many products we so enjoy, our menu changes with seasonal availabilities and reflects our selection of the day’s only finest and freshest offerings. Combined with culinary techniques and paying special attention to every last detail, every meal offers you tantalizing flavor combinations that are sure to indulge the palette.


Professional chef of over 15 years , Antonio D’Anello has over 28 years of combined Hospitality industry experience. He has worked his way up the food & beverage ladder as a waiter, bartender, chef and now food & beverage director. He has owned & operated his own restaurant and has consulted on many other ventures. Though Antonio’s experience transcends many food and beverage areas, he still always thinks of food as his true passion. “I have always loved being around food. I was always happiest when I was close to the kitchen; it somehow always brings me back home to when I assisted my mother with cooking Sunday lunch.” His vast experience, genuine passion, talent, and commitment to service is transformed into meticulous attention to every detail with the goal to always keep his guests happy. Antonio’s motto is simple, “whatever you do in this business, make sure you take care of your guests first, everything else will fall into place”.


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